Certified! We are a member of IATF 16949 family!

Certified! We are a member of IATF 16949 family!

Always Respectful to Nature

We are saving the future in the direction of our environmental policy which we carefully prepared.

Mission - Vision

Mission:  Our goal is to provide original equipment manufacturers’ and their designated suppliers’ demands in terms of design, machining, brazing, assembly, testing and service within our experience excellence.

Vision:To enhance our product variety and our customer portfolio with our uprising technology and with the new projects which requires being more competitive.


In automotive industry, the most effective method for joining steel pipes and parts, especially those with fluid air, fuel, water or hydraulic oil, is brazing or brazing. The parts to be joined in brazing furnaces, where copper and its alloys are often used as bonding soldering materials, are given as tight fitting.

After preheating the parts entering the furnace with the help of the carrier band, the melted solder material is heated by heating to the temperature of 1100 ° C according to the type of soldering material used. In a non-oxidizing environment in a protective gas atmosphere, the flux of molten solder rapidly penetrates into the junction of parts with the effect of "capilar" forces. The soldered part is again passed through the cooling tunnel in the protective atmosphere and is then removed from the tunnel outlet with excellent bonding and surface quality.

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Introduction Video

O-MEGA Automotive has been founded to serve to the automotive industry within its primitive premises of 200 m² in 1995.
In his earlier years, O-mega Automotive was mostly doing production to the local market and their first products were including cooling water pumps and LPG mixers.

Later in the years, their product range has been widend and O-mega Automotive has colloborated with Valeo, Fiat, Bosch, Maysan Mando and other automotive parts suppliers in various value added porjects.
As of 2006 O-mega Automotive has started exporting automotive parts which are mainly, transmission components.  Furthermore O-mega also gives consulting for his current and potential customers on product design, developpment and engineering due to their highly experienced management and employees.
Currently O-mega has a total of 1300 m² of a closed workshop, with almost 50 people working in his constitution, and has been yielding his turnover of 60% from his export products.  


All of our machining lines consist of CNC turning machines (lathe) and CNC machining centers in where operations such as steel, cast iron,aluminum and metals such as bronze casting, forging, turning within precision tolerances, milling, drilling, grinding and honing would be performed.


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Tube Forming in 3D Design


Steel tubes which are widely used in the automotive could be designed with the designated demand of the client by the most competitive 3D design tools.  Designs include 3D curving of the steel tubes, curving design, twist design, and end shaping of the final product.  Designs of the tube forming wou...

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Assembly and Control

The merchandise shaped and designed by Omega would be processed in terms of controlling and testing by self-designed specialized machines which use ultimate techniques applying precision molds enforced by qualified poka yokes. Finalized products are tested 100% for leak proofing, visual and dimensional crosschecking before advancing to the logis...

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O-mega has an excellence in the brazing operation within the years in the automotive industry with important references and quality work done in serial production both in local market and in Europe.
Brazing is a metal-joining process whereby a filler metal is heated above melting point and distributed between two or more close-fitting parts b...

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Model Design

We contribute to the quality, life and cost of automotive parts by participating in our expertise in the design of automotive and supply industry products. With CATIA V5 design program we work on the same image platform as our customers.


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Quality Policy Certificates

Kalite Politikamız;

Müşterilerimizin ihtiyaç ve beklentilerini imkan ve yapılabilirlik çerçevesinde en iyi şekilde karşılamak

Çalışanlarımızın etkin katılımı ve risk değerlendirmesi temeline dayalı düşünce bilinciyle, önleme, geliştirme ve motive etme esaslarını temel alarak iş verimini (verimliliği) yükseltmek

Kalite yönetim modelinin sürdürülebilirliğini düzenli olarak geliştirmek

Performans yönetim sistemiyle değerlendirme ve rekabet olgusunu canlı tutarak hedeflere erişimi etkin ve kalıcı kılmak

Tedarik zincirinin etkinliğinin yanı sıra hizmet kalitesini de sağlamak

Süreçlerin etkin yönetimi için;

Şirket içi altyapının, bilişim süreçlerinin, teknolojiyi takip ederek günü yakalamanın ve çalışan becerilerinin sürekliliğini ve gelişimini sağlamak

Etik, disiplin ve saygı çerçevesinde bir davranış modeliyle yapıcı düşünmek ve hareket etmek

Certified! We are a member of IATF 16949 family!

O-Mega Otomotiv

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